“I have a decade-long business relationship with James. He is a man of high integrity, and well versed in the natural lifestyle marketplace. His writing skills are widely respected and he was instrumental in trade and consumer education during the early developmental years of the modern dietary supplement category. Smart and insightful, I am proud to call James my friend.”

“James’ most outstanding characteristic is getting the job done right. He will go the last mile to get the details right and to be sensitive to important issues. He has been a strong and passionate advocate for the health industry for many years, and expresses those passions eloquently in multiple forms of communication. His long list of accomplishments speaks for itself. Lastly, he is a very caring person who values the personal connection.”

“When I worked as a communications consultant for Nutritrion 21, James was the company’s scientific and regulatory liaison. I had already known James as an editor, where he prepared thorough, informative, timely and well-written articles for several nutrition industry publications. He is highly respected for his deep knowledge of issues and insights into regulatory and market developments. I recommend James as a top editor and writer with deep ties and experience in the nutrition industry. He’s also a pleasure to work with.”

“I’ve worked with James prior to his joining Nutrition 21, and had followed his work as an editor for many years. James’s reputation as a science writer and thought-leader in the industry helped Nutrition 21 through a very difficult period of its history when relationships with key customers were strained by executive turnover.”

“I have had the pleasure of working on several projects with James Gormley over the past decade. He is a key member of the natural products industry. He has had a significant influence on so many fronts within the natural products industry had has left an indelible mark – and will continue to do so. His influence is undeniable and he has been a key player for each organization he has been involved with. I will continue to align myself with James Gormley as he has earned the respect of so many as a leader because he is an excellent communicator, ethical, both patient and reasonable, and leads by example.”

“Over the years that I have worked with James I have greatly appreciated his curiosity and his sharp intellect. We explored several Natural Products trade shows together when he was the Editor-in-Chief at Better Nutrition magazine: he always extracted the most salient news from exhibitors graciously, then relayed it in a way that was insightful for consumers. It has been my pleasure to work with James and to learn from his expertise in health and nutritional products.”

“James has a great breadth of experience from both the ingredient and finished goods parts of the industry, which he brought to Better Nutrition, ultimately helping consumers better understand the issues that would affect their health and access to nutritional products. James’ writing is clear and concise, but infused with passion. As a consumer writer he connects with his readers, breaking down sometimes complicated information in a way that is approachable.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with James in any number of capacities. No matter what position he has held, from executive to journalist, he has displayed an unwavering commitment to the cause of improving Americans’ health and the natural products industry. He is a tireless advocate who devotes all of his personal and professional skills to the cause to which he is committed. I give him an unqualified recommendation.”

“James has been a wonderful source of information and support as I’ve become more active in industry advocacy. It’s been a pleasure working with James on a number of different projects. He’s a strategic thinker, articulate, insightful and has a real passion for natural health.”

“James is an erudite and invaluable colleague, one with whom I have been fortunate to collaborate on a number of campaigns. Whether conferring on strategy and messaging, or providing timely policy guidance and assessment ‘under the gun,’ James always comes through when it counts. Working with James is never boring and I can always count on him to help cut through political propaganda and doublespeak to get to the nugget of real policy behind every issue. His skill with language is evident and his commitment to his work, indisputable. He is an indispensable colleague, and I am happy to call him my friend.”

“James is a committed and competent professional with skills in many areas. I have worked with James in the natural products industry, on publications and communications as well as on legal and regulatory issues. He has complied U.S. and International regulatory documents and applications. He is a superb writer, editor and thinker. He is skilled at comprehending and communicating the scientific and regulatory aspects of natural products as well as being a strong and reasoned advocate. He is a strategic thinker and has expertise in relationship management. James is an exceptional human being.”


“James has been a trusted freelance writer for Maypro/Quality of Life for many years. I had the pleasure of working with him for the last four years, where he helped us immensely with PR efforts in natural products industry publications and with varying writing assignments. He truly has a knack for taking the time to understand our complicated ingredients and formulas and then being able to write about them in an easy to understand way. James always has a positive attitude and is more than willing to tackle any writing assignments we’ve had – no matter the deadline. He has worked with many people within my department and I have always seen quality work from him. James earns my highest recommendation.”

“James was an amazing editor-in-chief for Better Nutrition magazine. He excelled at designing timely, relevant editorial calendars; his deep knowledge of the industry allowed him to be ahead of the curve in choosing which topics to include in upcoming issues. Personally, he was a pleasure to work with and collaborate on articles and ideas. He has a sharp mind and keen sense of humor.”


Writer and Health Expert

“James is a talented editor and sticks with the integrity of the science, but able to leverage it for business opportunities. He’s great to work with and commits 100% to what he believe in!”

“I worked with James on editing marketing content for a medical device audience at BD [Becton Dickinson]. He is a knowledgeable editor on issues of style and applies rules with consideration for context. He has a great eye for awkward wording and inconsistencies. It was a pleasure to work with James and collaborate on creating clear, concise pieces; his insight and agility with the written word made him a valuable part of the team.”

“It was a sincere pleasure to have the opportunity to work with James on various projects when he was Editor of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. When producing a medical journal the need for a talented editor is a given, but James always went the extra mile to ensure all content exceeded our standards. James is innovative and able to dive into any given project. Based on my experience working with James I would say that while his work ethic and drive really shine, his creative side is what really sets him apart. He is truly an asset to have on any team.”