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Says Mintel, more than 20 percent of consumers seek performance products that offer value-adds, such as being anti-inflammatory or supporting brain health, vision or bone

Germ anxiety is bestride the land, with hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants seemingly everywhere. In this context, then, what immune-boosting ingredients and formulas are the

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Nutrition Industry Executive’s (NIE) panel of industry experts tackles a range of issues that the industry is dealing with, including economic adulteration, traceability, cGMP (current

Supported by market data provided by Robert Baldwin of TABS Analytics and by category insights provided by the Mintel Group, Vitamin Retailer’s (VR) panel of

With the CBD locomotive tearing down the tracks, our panel of industry leaders and experts helps sort out everything from recent FDA guidance on probiotics,

Manufacturers of proprietary branded ingredients (PBIs) are experiencing a surge of interest in, and demand for, their science-backed and innovation-fueled branded ingredients. This panel of

With millions of American consumers walking into health food stores, you no longer have to defend fish oil. It seems like you just have to

While unhealthy skin care lotions and nostrums abound, this panel of industry experts remind us why natural skin care is booming and what it can

Perhaps nowhere is supply-chain transparency and quality more important than for products and ingredients that consumers put on or into their bodies: foods, beverages, supplements

On April 13th, 2017, Jack Challem, bestselling author and beloved figure in the natural products industry, passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer at